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Our wine is created using organic growing techniques with the intention of enhancing the health of the soil and increasing the diversity of plant, beneficial insect and bird life in the vineyard.  The purpose of creating our wine is to share with friends and family a product of which we are proud, and, more importantly, to give back to community by offering the wines to non-profit organizations to benefit their programs.  Enjoy!

Our Story

There is nothing better than to create something that is beautiful, whether it is a child, a theorem, a winning argument of law, or a wine of which you are proud.  Every year when harvest season is upon us it is so exciting to see the result of a year of work and planning come to fruition.

The resultant wine is then cocooned in barrel and bottle while three years silently slip by in a cool, dark cellar before you can enjoy the season past.  Once the vintage is ready for release and the first cork is popped, the thrill of the sensory pleasures of wine excite your emotions and intellect.  To me, this is one of the great joys of life.  I love the creation of this beautiful food.

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