About Rusted Lyre Vineyard

One first vintage was a very small one in 2008.  We now produce three barrels per year (about 3 thousand pounds of grapes).   From 2008 through 2011 we were part of the large Napa Valley group of garagistas, making wine in the garage!

Our main purpose for making wine was to have a low alcohol Cabernet that I enjoyed drinking and to be able to donate to charitable organizations in our community.  As of the 2012 vintage we received proper licensing so that we can continue our donation program and offer wine to those who have been wanting to purchase as well.

Although the vineyard is not certified organic, we farm organically and sustainably, managing for vine health, and habitat health for the diverse plant and animal life in which we farm.  The vines are continuously monitored for soil moisture management and we are pleased to have been able to dry farm since 2014.